Squarewave XL

$52 CAD

Big hands, big...grips.

Modelled after the Squarewave grip, the Squarewave XL has a wider diameter. Designed for bigger hands, or just for people who like bigger grips, it's ever so slightly softer than the regular Squarewave coming in at 20a.

The XL features a one-side flange that can be oriented to either inside or outside of the bar. Overall length 146mm.

Chromag grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which effectively covers the bar end while still utilizing a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar.

Durometer // 20a
Length // 146mm
Diameter// 33mm
End Clamp // Split-Teardrop
Weight // 148g/pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Great grips

Good grip

quality, longevity and comfortable. Highly recommend.


Big hands? Tired of skinny kids grips? We’ll look no farther the Chromag Squarewave are made for you. My go to grips on all my bikes.


Awesome grips 👍

Quinn H.
Great Grip, long lasting

I don't have particularly large hands, but the larger diameter is great. The length is a little long for me though so I've been cutting off the outer clamp and 6mm of the rubber to avoid having the bar ends stick out significantly past my hands. A single inboard clamp version with integrated barend cover and rubber right to the edge would be the perfect grip for me.

Perfect Grips

Durable. Comfortable. Perfect size for big hands. Reduce the claw effect drastically. I'll never run any other grips. Seriously considering modifying an old bar so I can run one as a shift knob in my car.

Cameron C.
Best Grips for My Hands

Best grips going for my hands. I didn't realize how good these grips were until I had some stock grips on a new bike and swapped them onto my HT while I wait for new Squarewave XLs to be in stock. Without the Squarewaves I felt a noticeable hand fatigue, lack of control and pressure points. I'll be swapping back and forth for the time being until I can get some more!

Pierre R.
Amazing grip for big mitts!

Love the look, feel and grip of these grips. By far my favorite grip I've used to date. I'll be putting these on my next bike too.

Keep up the great work!