Grip User Guide

Please read below for detailed instructions on installation, care and maintenance.

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WARNING: Installing this bicycle product requires in-depth knowledge of bicycle mechanics and professional-grade tools. If you do not have the proper tools or knowledge to perform this installation, please take your bicycle to your local bicycle dealer. Failure to appropriately install this product may lead to component failure, resulting in serious injury or death.

We recommend that you have this product installed, adjusted and maintained by a professional bicycle mechanic.


Chromag Basis, Squarewave and Palmskin grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which covers the bar end while still utilising a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar.

The Format grip uses a single, inner end clamp. The core of the grip tapers towards the outer end to maintain a secure fit despite the lack of an outer clamp.

The Liaison Wax grips are an ‘all rubber grip’ (without a plastic core or lock-on ends).


  • Clean and inspect the handlebar before mounting the grips. Ensure there are no burrs or sharp edges at the end of the bars, no residue, cracks or damage.
  • Slide grips onto the handlebar making sure the end of the grips is flush with the end of the handlebar.
  • Tighten the bolts on each of the end clamps. Be careful to not overtighten, and use a good allen key to avoid stripping the bolt heads.
  • Chromag lock-on grips come with a built in end cap to protect the ends of the handlebars and provide safety. The Liaison Wax grips are supplied with matching bar end plugs which should be pressed into the handlebar.

TIP: To mount non-lock-on grips (Wax) Chromag recommend placing some cable ties (approximately five) inside the grip with the clasp at the outer edge of the grips. Slide the grips on - the zip ties should allow a smooth and easy installation. Once the end of the grip is flush with the end of the bar, use pliers to pull the zip ties out, one at a time, from the grips. Voila!  Compressed air is also an option.

Note: Do not use hammer-in style bar end plugs in carbon bars. For more information please consult our handlebar user guide.

Care and Maintenance

When removing lock-on grips, make sure to use a good allen key and thoroughly clean the bolt head of dirt or grime to avoid stripping the bolt.

It is not advisable to modify the grip in any way.

Always use a bar end plug.

Make sure the outer edge of the grip is flush with the outside edge of the bar.


Chromag grips are warrantied from the time of purchase for a period of one year, or as per the local laws of the region of purchase. The warranty applies only to the original owner and covers the product only in the case of manufacturing defect. It does not cover products damaged due to normal wear and tear, damage resulting from extreme use abuse, neglect, negligence, fading of colours and materials over time or other situations that don’t qualify as normal riding or normal conditions.

The warranty does not cover modifications or installation. Improper installation of related components will void the warranty. Surface finishes such as paint, chrome, anodizing, stickers or graphic applications are not covered under warranty unless deemed qualified by Chromag Bikes. Claims can be made either through a Chromag dealer, distributor or direct with Chromag bikes. Products considered as potentially valid warranty claims must be returned for inspection and must include the original receipt. Shipping or labour costs are not covered.