Our proprietary 3D forging creates a 1 piece shaft and clamp base from 2014T6 alloy.

A robust cradle and top clamp ensure a solid purchase on saddle rails with 6mm hardware for reliability and prolonged rail life. A turned CNC finish is accurate with a degree of texture for a positive grip when clamped in the frame.

Construction // 3D forged one-piece shaft and clamp base, Reliable 2-bolt design
Material // 2014T6 shaft for best strength to weight
Length // 400mm shaft
Finish // CNC turned finish
Diameter // 31.6mm
Weight // 300g (27.2mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Quality and good looking

I keep this seatpost with an old trail master saddle on it in the trunk of my car on road trips just in case my dropper craps the bed! Before that, it lived on my old dh bike. There's not much to say about rigid seatposts but this is built to last, never slips, and looks darn good too.

A solid choice

Been on a couple dozen rides with this now, and it is performing well. Solid, stiff, but lightweight. The combined clamp/seat angle adjustment works well, allowing me to dial in the seat position to my liking without slippage. I have combined this with the Chromag 35mm QR clamp and they work together like a charm.

A post about this magical post

In #THECURRENTYEAR, it seems to be the trend that everything I purchase online is followed by a wheedling demand for a review, but, as I am employed and have a life, I reserve this for something truly magical. This post is that magic. I bought this because it was not very expensive, and I needed something to hold my seat up while I rebuilt my annoying, sagging, wiggly RockShox Reverb (I'll get around to it...). This is, for the money, on par with any seatpost I have owned (mostly Thomsons) over the years. After riding the Reverb and a Transfer, both of which are plagued by a subtle but constant yawing (google it!) as a result of the method by which the head is connected to the actual post (or not connected, as the case may be), I mounted this beefy rascal, noticing, along the way, that it is finished with typical Chromag quality, subtly ribbed to keep it where you put it, and even has a nice even spacing where the logo is emblazoned on the shaft (heh...ribbed...shaft...hehee) such that one can adjust the height perfectly and repeatedly by picking a letter in the word "Dolomite". Also, Dolomite was the name of Rudy Ray Moore's title character in the 1970s films. Hell yeah.

This sucker is built to last, the head is machined right onto the shaft, and the machining is first rate. Short of meteor impact or heat-death of the sun, this thing should continue to work more or less indefinitely. Good adjustment range. Great value for the money. Put one under your can soonest! 12 stars!

Better than Thomson

My Thomson was sliding down at every ride but the chromag rarely moves and looks awesome.

PROS: Attractive Design, Easy To Install, Durable, Lightweight