Primer Anniversary Edition Candy Emerald Green M/L

Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
Primer Canadian Made Chromag Hardtail Mountain Bike MTB Anniversary Edition
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In 2023, Chromag turns 20.

To celebrate, we've created a limited run of our Primer frames. Numbered 1-10, and including specially designed 20th Anniversary decals, these bikes are each one of a kind. Every purchaser of an Anniversary Primer will be gifted a full Chromag riding kit, and receive exclusive access to our Friends & Family discount program.

Hand welded in Vancouver by legendary frame builder Chirs Dekerf, who has signed each frame, these bikes are steeped in BC mountain biking history. 

The Primer uses what we would describe as our most progressive 29er geometry to date (excluding the Doctahawk!), notably the short chainstays, lower than ever BB height, steep seattube with a slack head angle, low stack headtube and long front center. This combination is the most versatile 29er we've ever built.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love it minus the paint job

Got this thing built up with 160 ZEB smashpot coil fork and it just crushes everything in its path. The geo just feels perfect and I love that they offer a M/L size for us 5'10" folk as its the best non custom fit I've found. The welds look great and it feels like a very strong n sturdy frame. The only issue I have is that the paint is already starting to chip away in a few areas without taking any impacts. Its mostly around the BB and brake mount area which I can usual expect a little bit of paint to break away from but it spread and is missing some significant chunks now. My bike is a matte black color so probably not too hard to source replacement paint but still a bummer to see it happen after just a few rides. Side note I also have a Surface Voyager and its had no issues with paint.

Overall though Im pretty damn stoked on this thing and cant wait to take it on some bigger trails as the snow melts. Thanks for the bike my good dudes!

quiver killer

Big ups to the Chromag squad! Couldn't be more thrilled with my Primer. The build quality is phenomenal and the geometry has this bike perched at the edge of becoming a quiver killer for me. It seems to do anything I can put my imagination to and still wants more. Very impressed with the customer service, the quality of the build and the fun of the ride. Thanks Chromag!

Alex N.
Custom Paint

Recently bought a Primer frame and I couldn’t be happier. Chromag were immediately in touch with me to start discussing paint ideas. Not only does the frame quality surpass expectation, the service is outstanding. Charlie was very helpful answering any questions I had and never hesitated to add anything to my order. Highly recommend this company

Neil B.
Primer for the win

This bike is nothing but a snappy good time. Great when it gets steep, jumps well, honestly just a blast to ride.

Chris M.
Canadian made magic

Last spring I sold my carbon fibre full suspension bike to buy a Primer and haven’t looked back. This bike is a sweet, sweet machine. The geometry feels just right - the seat tube angle puts you in a perfect climbing position, and the head tube angle combined with a 160mm fork makes the front end feel super stable on the descents. At 5’11’’ the M/L feels perfect for me. One of the most frequent questions I hear from other riders when riding locally on the North shore is whether I feel limited to certain trails. Not at all; this bike can handle pretty much anything I was riding with full suspension. One of my favorite things about the Primer is just being able to forget everything and get back to the pure joy of riding. The build quality and craftsmanship are fantastic, and I love riding a Canadian made frame. If you’re having any doubts about a hardtail, just go ride one, you’ll be an instant convert.

Edward K.
Chromag Primer Simply spectacular!

Absolutely love this bike everywhere. Flawless performer! As close to a single quiver bike that exists. Thank You Chromag

Ryan S.
Love my Primer!

Don't know if I should be posting this here or on the Rootdown page. Back in early 2020 I bought a Rootdown, went to start building it, and realized there was no rear brake mount. I reached out to the dealer (Beat Cycles in Lakewood, Ohio - great dudes there fyi), and they got in touch with Chromag. In a couple hours Beat got back to me and told me that Chromag was fresh outta Rootdowns in XL, but they had an XL Primer laying around that they wanted to send me at no extra charge. I took them up on that obviously, and I've been so happy with this bike. It's just pure fun. Chromag made a lifetime customer out of me with the way they took care of my situation.

The bike rules. Climbs like a goat, and the descents will always put a grin on your face. Plus it looks badass.

Built to fly/cheater cheater pumpkin eater

I replaced an older hardtail with the Primer. I have only ever ridden hardtails, but this thing is next level. It has more travel than what I am used to, which feels like cheating on the downhills. Any jumps or potential launches/drops/wall rides feel like I am riding my BMX, and with nice big juicy 29er tires, it feels barely sketchy on any landing. The BB is lower than what I am used to, so for climbing steep walls it took a little getting used too but it pays off. I got a killer paint job so it's a little disco. I mean, you might as well. The build kit is solid. I upgraded a few bits and bobs but kept the fork and drive train. I love that these guys are making stuff in Canada. Way to go! Great customer service too,

Mountain biking is now about 35% more fun than it was before. Thanks!