$90 CAD

Designed in collaboration with Brandon Semenuk, the Overture is used by more pros than any other slopestyle saddle.

Tailored to the needs of the slopestyle and dirt-jump rider, the Overture is designed to compliment trick variations by being grip-able, pinch-able yet slim and easy to move around.  Brandon's design features a silicone print pinch area with subtle flares in the rearward body to compliment leg-pinch and no-hand tricks.

A lot of people also run the Overture on their DH rig, and it has been known to find its way onto the occasional trail bike. 

Top // Synthetic top with Kevlar panels and Silicone print grip zone
Rails // 8mm Chromoly
Length // 243mm
Width // 136mm
Weight // 279g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rob W.
Unrivalled !

For full disclosure I have been supported by Chromag for over a decade.

The overture has always been my go to on the DJ / free ride bikes - I have lots of experience using this saddle.

The saddle is wide enough / grippy enough in the middle to offer unbeatable “feel” when pinching it with your knees for Suicide no handers or bar-spins. Furthermore the general ergonomics of the saddle compliment tricks such as toboggans or superman seat grabs, meaning that you can focus on the trick without worrying about your grip hand.

Personally I don’t believe there to be any worthy rivals to the design / quality of the overture.

Extra Grip

As a Chromag Athlete I highly recommend this seat, not only is it stylish but it has the best side grip out of any seat I’ve ridden. The sticky rubber logo offers a great amount of grip for barspins, no handers and everything in between!

Joe A.
The only seat you should be running

Full disclosure I have been supported by Chromag for the past 7 years and even before that i have been running an overture seat probably for the past 10! honestly the only seat i trust on any of my builds and i wouldn't opt for another one in a million years! undeniably the GOAT

Ethan D.
Best seat

I have had this seat on most of my bikes for the past few years, love the look and comfort with this seat. From pumptrack to trail rides to world cups, this seat can look good on any bike!

Danny F.
Best DJ Saddle on the Market

I am a Cromag athlete, and this saddle has been absolutely incredible. I have been running it on my dirt jumper for a few years now. It is super strong, has incredible grip on the sides to pinch for no handed tricks, and is super comfortable when you need it. I would recommend this saddle to anyone looking for something strong, comfortable, and stylish.

Drew A.
Best saddle ever!

This is by far the best saddle I’ve ever ridden. It’s comfortable and physically appealing as well. I have one on every bike of mine from DJ to DH rigs. 10/10 would recommend!

James C.
Such an awesome seat!

I’ve been running this seat for 3 years and it’s the best seat I’ve ever ridden. It’s the perfect shape for free riding, pinchable yet small enough to stay out of the way. It even pedals pretty well!

The overture shreds!