Lynx DT

$110 CAD

Our most versatile saddle is excellent for light, all-mountain setups, yet the low profile design is also popular with freeride and downhill riders.

The Lynx DT features a synthetic top and Chromo rails for added durability yet it weighs in at only 292g. The narrow platform is firm while the soft nose compliments body english for those situations where the front of the saddle is used for traction and control.

Top // Seamless Synthetic
Rails // Chromoly
Length // 280mm
Width // 135mm
Weight // 292g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My go to saddle!

Full disclosure I am a Chromag athlete but I have been using this saddle for the past couple of years and it is now my all time favourite and my go to saddle. I run this seat on my enduro bike and gravel bike and it is super comfortable for the longest rides up and also small enough that it stays totally out of the way on the descents!

My #1 go to saddle

This has been my top choice of saddle for many, many years. I have one on my Enduro bike, DH Bike, XC bike and the Hardtail. The only bike that has a different saddle is my Gravel bike and that's because the brown leather Trailmaster LTD looks badass on that bike :)

Comfy and durable

I've tried many seats over the past several years and the Lynx is the clear winner! I used to suffer from random nerve pain in my right leg when cycling but that hasn't happened since I bought a Lynx many years ago. I'm now on my second Lynx (the old one didn't match the colour my bike anymore) but the original is still going strong on my husbands bike 4 years after purchase :).

Jody P.
Great comfort and quality.

I’ve had the Lynx saddle on several of my bikes over the course of my years of riding. In fact, I still have the first one I ever bought! Still in great shape and as comfortable as ever!

Ed E.
Excellent saddle

Love these seats, I have 3, comfy and durable. What else is there? Oh yeah the look great too!

A comfy classic

My lynx dt followed my butt across 3 different bikes over about 5 years and is still in tip top condition except for some fading. The only reason it isn't on my new bike is I tried out the lift (which is also awesome). I have relatively wide sit bones and sit a bit forward on the saddle typically and the lynx has served me well comfort wise. Something a bit narrower may work better for a DH bike but other than thay I would be happy to put a lynx dt on any type of bike I own.