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You've already met the HiFi and the HiFi 35, now meet the HiFi BSX. All the same features as the HiFi, with a matte, sandblasted finish.

  • Cold forged in Taiwan
  • Equally robust as our CNC'd stems
  • Rounder edges and smoother contours

Process // 3D Forging
Material // Premium 6061 Alloy
Lengths // 31/40/50mm
Rise // 0º
Clamp Size // 31.8mm
Stack Height // 38mm
Steerer // 1 1/8"
Weight // 200g (50mm)

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Forging is a process in which a lump of raw material called a slug is compressed into a desired shape using tooling in a press. Forging produces extremely strong parts as the grain structure of the metal flows with the shape of the geometry.

Downsides of forging are that it is not as accurate as CNC Machining, therefore some aspects of the part still require machining such as the threads for the screws, and the faces which require high tolerance such as the bar interface or steerer bore.

Forging is generally much quicker than CNC Machining and can produce much less waste if near net forging is used, in whereby the slug is cast to closely resemble the final shape of the part.

Generally our forged parts are less expensive than our CNC Machined parts.

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