Kurt Sorge


Hometown // Nelson, BC

Age // 34

Nationality // Canadian

Years Riding For Chromag //

Instagram // @kurtsorge

Kurt Sorge Chromag Athlete

It has been really cool to see Chromag progress as a company over the years. As a BC born and bred brand they have always caught my attention. Arguably the best aftermarket brand in the industry, they have branched out into the apparel and protection world. This really sparked my interest, from having high-quality materials and well thought out designs for all types of weather. I couldn’t be more excited to team up with Chromag to help create the most functional and stylish mountain bike gear every rider is looking for.


A great guy and a hard worker, Kurt has accomplished iconic status in the mountain biking world (do we need to mention winning Rampage 3 times?!), but at home he’s just a down to earth rider who loves adventure in the mountains. Coming from Nelson, BC, Kurt has a lot in common with Chromag and it was simply inevitable that our paths would cross eventually.

Kurt Sorge Chromag Athlete

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