Emily Slaco


Hometown // Pemberton, BC

Age // 37

Nationality // Canadian

Years Riding For Chromag //

Instagram // @emilyslaco

Emily Slaco Chromag Athlete

Being on my bike is one of the happiest places I can be.  There’s always something new to learn, a challenge to conquer and the most important friends to share the experiences with.  Biking has given me a community that goes beyond my immediate surroundings and has helped me connect with a wider world.


We are extremely proud to have Slaco on our program for a couple of years now. As an experienced guide, coach, racer, and strong part of our riding community, you want Emily on any adventure or ride, big or small. As well as an athlete, she recently joined the Chromag staff and is an integral part of our sales team here too!

Emily Slaco Chromag Athlete

Emily's Favourites

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