Building Your Frame

**** Always follow manufacture torque specs for all components.
**** We strongly recommend you get your bike built by or checked over by a qualified mechanic before riding.
**** Improper assembly could result in reduced product life, injury or death.

Your frame has been pored over by an experienced and detail oriented mechanic at our base in Whistler BC. It has been inspected, reamed, chased, measured, checked and re-packed. All that is left to do is to make a bike out of it!

Checks Completed:

  • Frame checked for imperfections, both paint and decals.
  • Seat tube honed, post fit checked with gauge.
  • Head tube honed, headset fit checked with gauge.
  • Chase/hone BB threads, fit checked with gauge.
  • Install greased water bottle bolts (where fitted).
  • Dropouts fitted and torqued to spec (where applicable).
  • Rear axle and hub fitment checked.
  • Head-badge fitted and inspected for imperfections.
  • Chain stay protector fitted (where applicable).
  • Shock fitted and all pivot bolts greased and torqued to spec (FS frames only).
  • Owner’s manual completed and contents checked.

Known Compatibility Issues:

  • Surface Voyager
    • Large 4 piston calipers can have clearance issues. Hope being the most notable.
    • Not compatible with SRAM Transmission.
  • Monk
    • 4 piston brake calipers can be a tight fit on the Monk. Reach out if unsure.
    • However, it would be unusual to fit a 4 piston brake to a DJ frame.

Build Notes:

Again, we strongly recommend you have a professional mechanic build, or at the very least check over your bike prior to riding.

Click here to find build specs for our current bikes.

For older bikes, go here.

If you have any questions at all regarding your frame build, please don't hesitate to get in touch.