$80 CAD

Everything you love about the OSX, but for the gromms.

The Vanguard starts off much shorter than the OSX but can also be cut down further. (Make sure to check you have enough room for grips and controls!)

720mm wide // 25mm rise // 350g // 5° upsweep // 8° backsweep


Material // Custom drawn 7000 series alloy
Width // 720mm (28.35”)
Clamp Size // 31.8mm
Rise // 25mm (1”)
Bend //
Upsweep //
Weight // 350g

Click here to view the handlebar user guide.

7050 Series Aluminum

We use aerospace grade aluminum to achieve our required properties of strength and toughness, with added resistance to stress and corrosion.

Advanced Heat Treatment

Heat treatment gets thrown around a lot, but most of the time the word consistency doesn’t come along with it. Depending on the batch an individual bar might be subjected to vastly different temperatures during the process. HTX ditches the disparity and provides uniform, quality heat treatment on every single bar.

Refined Geometry

By increasing the tapered sections and using a larger radius we have inherently built more strength into the shape of the OSX.

Variable Butting

Varying the wall thickness of the bar allows us to add strength where it’s needed, and keep the weight down in less strategic areas. The OSX has 7 different butting locations.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Kids Bars

I put these on my daughters bikes. The dimensions are spot on- and cutting them down was a breeze. It is obvious that the quality of metal is top notch.

Corey B.
Slick upgrade to a Spawn

A nice upgrade to a 20in Spawn hardtail