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The Pilot is the union of Chromag's extensive flat pedal design combined with a proven, dual sided SPD compatible cleat engagement system. With a long, 110mm body, the Pilot's pins reach beyond the cleat channel of most shoes to provide a secure 4-point pin contact between shoe and pedal. The Pilot features our F.1 high-strength chromoly axle system, with a double seal, inner bushing, and outer cartridge bearing.

The Pilot is compatible with all 2-bolt SPD cleats.

Customer Reviews

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A season in and going very strong

Full disclosure - I work at Chromag. But I have been using these pedals for a few thousand km's and have some thoughts that might be helpful to buyers. I've tried them with 3 different pairs of shoes and haven't had any issues with struggling to clip in, or hanging up on clip out. If you're having issues, a second washer can be added under the pins if needed, or the pins can be removed altogether depending on shoe and/or preference. I have tried them without pins and find that I still get the benefits of the large platform, but the float feels a bit more "free". With the pins, you can still clip out no problem, but it feels a bit more locked in place and resistant to twisting, like a flat pedal. I think experienced clip riders will like this feeling, but obviously down to personal preference. The anodizing on either side of the binding was pretty worn off after a couple months, from pedal strikes and/or from missing the binding when clipping in. And like any moving part, the bindings can start to squeak when pedalling after riding in dusty conditions. Just keep the bindings clean, and apply a bit of triflow on the springs to avoid this.

Zac S.
Durable, simple and good looking

The Pilot pedals have been the toughest I’ve used, I tend to bend a lot of pedals and have not managed to damage a set of the pilots yet. Their simple design provides good support for the foot with a big platform. This helps with foot cramps and gives more control over the bike. All in all a great pedal with a beautiful design and I would not run anything else.

Josh S.
Friggin awesome

You guys do a great job. Very high quality
Love the pedals.

Sebastian H.
Outstanding performance!

Love the Details, love the quality, love the products, love the performance!!!

Cleared for takeoff!

I've been really impressed by the build quality and function of these. Having used XT trails for years and wanting to try a pedal with more support and traction while unclipped, these fit my needs perfectly.
It's great having the familiar feel of SPD engagement with a more of a cage to provide more input for handling and moving the bike around, but the cages aren't so big as to interfere in tight situations.
Clipping in and out feels crisp and is intuitive. These are a great option if you're looking for Chromag build quality, looks and serviceability and a little more meat to your pedals than the some of the smaller options out there, without adding too much weight or bulk.

fully Clipped!

I'm very stoked on these pedals. I had to fiddle a bit getting them set up with my shoes - I found that the rear pedal pins (2 pins behind the cleat insert section of pedal) were grabbing the sole of my shoe and made it hard to clip out. SO I removed these pins and no problem - still a big cage to stand on while unclipped. Also found I had to tighten the spring to half way on the display to feel a good positive eject. Once set, I LOVE THESE PEDALS!

shimano feeling with chromag style

great new pedal, easy to click in and out.
i took two pins out on each side to fit my shoe better, still super grippy.
5stars, would recommend


Pins: 8 / pedal
Platform: 87 x 110mm
Stance: 57.5mm
Release Angle: 12°
Weight: 520g

Read more about stance and Q-Factor here


Tried and tested. The Pilot is compatible with all 2-bolt SPD cleats.

Click here to view the pedal user guide.

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