The Ultimate Master - Mike Truelove

Mike Truelove has been building Chromag frames since day one. Without Mike, dare I say, none of this would have been possible, so Chromag owes a great debt of gratitude to him.

Approaching the Show & Shine last year we realised that Mike was coming up on his 1000th frame build for us, which is no mean feat.

One thousand hand built frames.

Some of you are lucky enough to own one, others have aspirations to one day add one to the fleet. 

We wanted to do something special, and this is where the Ultimate Master award was born. We gathered the tubes for his 1000th build and placed them in a bespoke chest laser etched with the Ultimate Master crest, and presented them to Mike at the 2018 Show & Shine for him to build his dream ride.

We're eternally grateful to Mike, he's as much a part of the Chromag family as any of the "lifers" and we're proud to have him be such an integral part.

 Take a look at Mike in his natural habitat below:

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