Happy 50th Birthday Julian!

Happy 50th Birthday to our International Sales Manager, Julian Hine!  

Julian was the very first employee at Chromag Bikes. As Employee #1, he had to do it all and has built up so many strong relationships over the years. He has helped to grow our business in a big way and keeps the Chromag goods flowing to distributors all over the world. For all you green fanatics out there, Julian is the primary reason we have green bikes and components in our product lineup. Green is his thing. Music is Julian's life blood.  He especially loves reggae and lives his life in Red, Gold and Green. This passion has manifested itself in many different ways, but it is glaringly apparent in his bike builds and his clothing choices. We always look forward to what Julian comes up with for his Show & Shine display and especially what he does to his hair. It's always colourful, always crazy and almost always terrible. But we love him for it!Julian is also well known for his side-hussle.  'J to the U' has become a celebrity DJ in these parts and is making a name for himself. He keeps the music pumping all day at Chromag. You can listen to his latest Pandemic mixes below:

He is also largely responsible for the speaker collection at Chromag. It's gotten a little out of control over the years, but music is a big deal at Chromag so we've benefited from Julian's constant pursuit of free speakers.

Julian is a family man, a dog lover, the original Chromag MC, a music mixer, a Hoka sneaker wearer and a skier of the free-heeling variety. But he won't ever let us forget that he used race! He was one of the fast ones on the Canadian mountain bike scene back in the day (when was that again Jules? What? You used to race?)

Happy 50th Julian! You make us laugh, you make us dance, you make us happy. Chromag would not be what it is today without you. 

Love from your Chromag Family xo 

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