Bushing Removal Tool

$22 CAD

You can use a 1/2" bolt but this makes it significantly easier.

We tried to make this as inexpensive as possible but due to the manufacturing processes involved it's more than the installation tool.

For use with the pedal axle kit.

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Pedal Axle Kit

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Customer Reviews

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John J.

Sure, it's easier to do with this tool than a half inch bolt but that's not a high bar to clear. Still pretty tricky to get the bushing out.
I guess the main thing is it doesn't really matter if you trash the bushing, as they provide new ones in the axle kit.

Thanks for the feedback John. It is tricky to get the bushings out but you are correct, it doesn't really matter about damaging them as you will have new ones to install.
Just be sure to not damage the actual metal bushing surface of the pedal.
Thankfully installing them is much easier. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions when servicing your Chromag parts.